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Complete Business Solutions

You've got vehicles to sell, but so do a lot of other businesses out there. If you are selling the exact same vehicles as your competition, how can you attract the attention of the buyers searching the internet for vehicles just like yours? ATX Solutions can optimize your website so that you are at the top of the pack for the vehicles you sell. We can also write custom software that will make managing your business and keeping customers satisfied much easier.

Using the Internet as Your Permanent "Full-Page Ad"

ATX knows how to put your website ahead of your competitors'. You'll be getting all kinds of interest and sales leads, because your website will be so hard to miss. We'll present your vehicles in detail and attractively, and make your website easy to use and navigate. We can handle all the images of vehicles that you want, and we know how to design a web page so that people will look at it longer and be able to find the information they want more easily. They can calculate their desired payment with a payment calculator, and they can even apply for loans online. ATX Solutions gives a professional, friendly face to your business on the internet!

For special products you might want to highlight, ATX can create a special "landing page." This will look like a website devoted completely to that one type of vehicle. It will attract a lot more attention than a regular webpage, because it appears specialized. Your premier vehicles will be getting the notice and buyers they deserve!

Using our website marketing expertise, ATX Solutions can actually predict what your potential customers will be looking for on the internet, and we use that information to capture more website traffic for you. Contact information from every website customer will be collected and placed in our custom Client Relationship Management (CRM) software. This is a way of getting prospective customers and sales leads to enter themselves into your database for later use! Not only will you be saved the trouble of entering all that data, but you'll also be receiving sales leads from the internet that you did no work to drum up! That will make your business more profitable and efficient, instantly. You'll easily know who your best customers are, and where they are coming from, so you can improve your marketing strategies.

Each website customer can receive an automatic email after they visit your site, giving them your contact information, offering them a special deal, or just asking for feedback. You can even publish a newsletter to all your customers, advertising current deals, closeouts, or new products. An automated web solution from ATX will improve your customer follow-up, which will result in more business for you!

Make Your Business Flow with Technology

ATX Solutions makes it easy to manage all the details of your business. How? We design software specifically for your business!

You'll be able to track inventory, pay bills, receive payments, send payment reminders, and post newly-arrived vehicles on the internet automatically. Automating your office will greatly increase your customer satisfaction, because you'll be doing your daily work more efficiently and accurately, relieving much of your day-to-day stress!

ATX Solutions will integrate your website and all the other aspects of your business into one complete package. You'll be able to generate quotes or trade-in values automatically, with no paperwork. All your customer data, vehicle information, and any other pertinent data will be easily accessible from one place. When you do a deal, that information, plus the liens, trade-ins, warranty, and extras will be automatically at your fingertips. You'll be using forms that fill themselves in, with just a few blanks for you to fill, because the system will know what data you need entered, with just a few clicks from you!

After you finish a deal, all the information about it will be stored and accessible later. Warranty repairs, payments, overdue notices, and repos will be easily manageable. You and other interested parties will receive automatic notices of upcoming deadlines and expiration dates.

ATX will also give you sales analysis tools that let you know exactly how profitable you are at any time! You'll be able to graph, print, sort, and manipulate all your sales information. You'll stay in better touch with your customers, and have more repeat business, because ATX software will remind you of which customers you haven't contacted in a while so you can keep in touch.

A Software Solution that Grows with Your Business

To top it all off, you won't have to worry about your software getting obsolete or having to pay for upgrades for your entire office. ATX Solutions creates software that grows with your business. No matter how successful you become, ATX Solutions software will continue to work just as well for your needs. At ATX Solutions, we want to help you grow and be with you when that growth comes around!

Call 888-ATX-1552, email us at info@atx-solutions.com, or fill out our REQUEST AN ESTIMATE to find out how internet marketing can help your business.
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Our objective is to help our customer by delivering the highest quality solutions and services that meet or exceed our customer expectations.
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