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Complete Business Solutions

As a builder or contractor, you don't want to waste time worrying about getting enough business or fiddling with technical details. You probably have a lot of customers to keep track of, but need a constant influx of new business to stay ahead of the game! We can help your business hum with the help of modern technology and flow of new customers who are interested in your services, and help you manage all that customer and job data to insure smooth, reliable operation of your business.

Get Your Services Known Through the Internet

Many builders and contractors are now using the internet to attract new business. ATX Solutions can put you at the forefront of that movement by creating a functional, easy-to-navigate website that suits your business. We'll make your website optimized for all the terms your customers will be searching for on the internet, and we'll make it easy for them to find and contact you.

We'll post all the information your customers need about you on your website, so you'll spend less time on the phone answering the same questions over and over. Your website will instantly make you more productive and give you more time to spend on the job, increasing your profits!

Manage Your Jobs and Customers with Custom Software

Harnessing the power of the internet is only part of what ATX Solutions can do for you. We can also write custom software for you that will help you run every aspect of your business!

Your website will automatically track all your website customer information and place in our custom written Client Relationship Management (CRM) software that will keep track of everyone you work with and what they need done. We can help you track new customers, automatically contact them by email, pre-qualify them, get all their job details, and put all this information at your fingertips. No more data entry; the system will take in and process all the data automatically!

ATX software will also track all of your work throughout the entire process. For every job completed, the schedule will be updated, invoices will automatically be sent out, and the customer data will have the completed work order attached to it for future reference. All delays or lost days will be tracked as well, and the schedules will be updated automatically. With a few clicks, you'll know exactly what job needs to be worked on today, or any other day!

We can make your software manage bids and subcontractors. Bids can be evaluated by the software, and contracts can be awarded and subcontracts created with the click of a button! You'll be able to pay your creditors, bills, and employees automatically and with no paper. ATX Solutions will take your business to the next level with the best available technology.

Improve Your Customer Service and Repeat Business

Your custom software from ATX Solutions will automatically log and track all warranty or customer service requests. Work orders can be created and faxed to the proper subcontractor by the system automatically. This will make your handling of customer issues much smoother and faster, increasing your customer satisfaction and winning you loyal customers, all of which makes you more money and longer-term business!

To hear more about how ATX can revamp or begin your internet marketing strategy, call 888-ATX-1552, email us at info@atx-solutions.com, or fill out our REQUEST AN ESTIMATE form and let us tell you more about how our complete solution can get your business noticed on the internet.
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Our objective is to help our customer by delivering the highest quality solutions and services that meet or exceed our customer expectations.
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