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Complete Business Solutions

In this real estate market, you need software and an internet presence that can keep closings coming . Changes in the economy frequently require changes in your business model and your resource tools. ATX Solutions creates custom real estate software and a dovetailing website that work together seamlessly and efficiently, to keep those closing checks rolling in!

Your Online Presence

Today, realtors are using technology to get leads and contacts faster than ever. They are generating leads with their websites, attracting attention to their businesses through blogs and other social media, and they are using automated tools to process all this customer information into usable, categorized, prioritized information their whole brokerage can access. ATX Solutions can bring you that kind of technology, making you the top producer in your area!

We'll create a website for you that suits your personality and the market you cater to. You'll stand out on the internet amongst the other realtors in your area, because we can optimize your website so that buyers and sellers will find you easily.

Customers will be able to search the local MLS from your website, but won't get the property address unless they contact you. You'll be getting lots of leads, and all of them will be automatically placed in Client Relationship Management software (CRM) so you'll have complete power over your customer data. There will be no more need for entering property or customer data anymore, because all of it can be obtained and managed automatically, by ATX software. Your new website and integrated software will make your brokerage instantly more efficient and competitive!

Custom Real Estate Software

A website isn't all you need to make your business flow--you also need software tools for your office that process and work with all your CRM and website data. ATX Solutions turns your office into a modern, efficient money-maker!

Our software tracks of all your current deals: listings, buyers, properties, closings, commercial, residential, and so on--all of it will be tracked by the system. You'll know how much money you should make by the end of the month, if all closings take place, and you'll know how profitable your business is with a few clicks.

No longer will you have stacks of leads sitting everywhere, wondering which ones have been called and which ones haven't been contacted. The system will track all contacts, even automatically emailing new internet customers with your information, and reminding you which customers need to be called each day. It can even sort out incoming leads and help you quickly assign them to agents or yourself. Think of how much better your follow-up will be with ATX working for you!

ATX software will track sales for all your agents and calculate their split, automatically moving funds where they should go. You'll know who are your top producers and who is falling behind. This way, ATX Solutions streamlines all your business processes and makes your brokerage the most automated, up-to-date one in town.

Grow Your Brokerage

With our custom programming solutions, ATX makes your website and software grow with you. You won't have to worry about making a huge initial investment in software, only to find it obsolete a few years later, or about pricey upgrades. At ATX Solutions, we write scalable software that can handle any number of closings, no matter how successful you become!

Call 888-ATX-1552, email us at info@atx-solutions.com, or fill out our REQUEST AN ESTIMATE form and let us tell you more about how our complete solutions can help your real estate business boom even in during these times of economic downturn.
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Our objective is to help our customer by delivering the highest quality solutions and services that meet or exceed our customer expectations.
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