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Everything was going along smoothly. All your customers were happy, you were making money, and there was nothing but more business on the horizon. Then, suddenly, something went horribly wrong. A huge amount of your data turned up missing! Now you are rapidly losing customers and business, even your loyal customers are getting annoyed, and the problem is getting worse with each hour that goes by! This is the nightmare that a business owner fears when entrusting all the company's data to a computer.

Whether it's caused by a power outage, a hacker, a virus, or a broken computer, all of your current transactions, your customer's private information, your trade secrets, and your business history could be wiped out instantly and permanently unless you protect your data by backing it up. Preventing data loss is critical to the smooth running of your business. Data loss irritates and frustrates you and your customers. Don't let this happen.

If you want to be able to restore all your data to its former state and location when something catastrophic occurs, it's not enough to merely back up your data. The backup system has to be continuously monitored to ensure that all the needed data is backed up exactly when it should be, to prevent any loss of work or dollars. It has to be frequently checked for errors, and it needs to be modified periodically as your business grows, to make room for additional workers and customers that you acquire.

Because of how expensive and time-consuming it can be to maintain all of this backed up data and the system that keeps track of all your data, more and more businesses are opting for "managed data backup." With ATX Solutions' managed data backup, we continuously monitor your system, where your data is, the date it was last changed, and the last time it was backed up, to ensure that no work or customer information is lost.

Since your data is at the root of what makes your company successful and profitable, at ATX Solutions, we take data integrity very seriously, and we have the experience and knowledge to know how to protect your data. You can trust our expertise. ATX not only backs up your data, but we protect it from outside invasions using many layers of security, so you can rest easy, knowing that hackers or other people who might want your data will never gain access to it.

Since each backup system has to be custom-made to suit your particular computers and work model, please call us at 888-ATX-1552 or fill out our REQUEST AN ESTIMATE form, and we'll tell you more about how we can keep "computer error" from ruining your business.

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