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We want to be honest. Internet website hosting companies are a dime a dozen. The majority of people out there who will offer to "host" your website aren't really offering you much of a service. All they really do is give your website a place to sit on the web. That's it. They won't help you fix it when it breaks, they won't make sure your website runs quickly and efficiently, they won't help you set it up and configure it, and if you ever have a problem, it will be very tough to even get someone to respond to you about it.

At ATX Solutions, we offer "managed hosting," which means that we not only get your website onto the internet, we also do the following:

  • Provide help with many different common problems.
  • Monitor your website to let you know how many customers are passing through it, and where they are coming from.
  • Protect your website from invasion by hackers or viruses.
  • Store all the data your website uses and keep it backed up.
  • Make sure your website is as fast as it can be, and doesn't get bogged down during "rush hour" website traffic times.
  • Test your website periodically to ensure that there are no broken links, bugs, or other problems.

When we host your website, you don't have to buy any new computers to get your website up and running. You're using our computers, which we maintain, so you never have to worry about the computer your website lives on (the server) getting obsolete, broken, or ruined by viruses or other problems. However, all of your website data still belongs to you. We just keep it up and running for you.

While it's true that managed hosting from ATX Solutions is somewhat more expensive than using one of the myriad "hosts" you could choose out there that don't provide many services, it's actually a very good investment when you consider how much it would cost to do all the programming and maintenance within your company, and how much less business you'll lose by keeping your website up at all times with no "down" days.

Fill out a REQUEST AN ESTIMATE form or call us at 888-ATX-1552 and allow us to tell you more about how choosing ATX Solutions to host your website adds value to your website and business.

Dedicated Hosting
Perhaps you want to do more management of your website. Maybe you've run a website before, and just want a server to run your website on, and you want a computer dedicated to your website alone, with no other websites residing on that server. For you, ATX can offer dedicated hosting. That means we keep the server hardware at our location and maintain it, but you have more flexibility in running your website--you lease the equipment from us. We still keep your website on the internet for you, but you would be the go-to person for most of your website's issues or problems.

Call 888-ATX-1552 or fill out our REQUEST AN ESTIMATE form for a quote on dedicated hosting.

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