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One thing a computer can do much better than any human can--remember. We can create a database to store anything you need to remember: customer information, transaction information, service records, documents, sales call records, and so on. If it can be stored in a computer, we can put it into a database for you. ATX Solutions can also create a website that will collect information and store it in your customized database.

With a database, doing things automatically becomes much easier. Here are just a few examples of what you can do automatically with a database:

  • Send letters or emails to only certain customers, automatically.
  • Create forms for customers to fill out that will then be input into the database.
  • Print out reports, listing only the exact information you want.
  • Check to see which customer needs to be called today.
  • Have the database automatically print out a list of people to call.
  • Figure out who your best customers are and send them all thank-you notes or reminders.

Having a database really gives you much more power over the data you already have, and makes it much more useful for growing your business.

Some of the database technologies we've used to accomplish these and other useful tasks for our customers are MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and Access. Call us at 888-ATX-1552 or fill out our REQUEST AN ESTIMATE form to find out how we can start making your data perform for you.

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Our objective is to help our customer by delivering the highest quality solutions and services that meet or exceed our customer expectations.
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