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.Net Coding

The main advantages of .NET

  • Speed
  • It’s much faster
  • Increased Performance
  • Increased Stability
  • Increased Developer Productivity
  • Did we say Faster

  • Any Language. The .NET Framework enables custom software developers to use any programming language, and for applications written in any programming languages to integrate deeply with each other, enabling current development skills to go forward without retraining.

  • Less Code. The .NET Framework uses a highly componentized, most efficient design that enables developers to focus on writing business logic. Custom software developers don't need to write IDL or Registry code and ASP .NET, for example, includes dozens of controls that sum up common programmer tasks such as a shopping cart.

  • Reliability . The .NET Framework includes technologies to make applications more reliable. For example, memory, threads, and processes are managed by the .NET Framework to ensure that memory leaks don't occur. And ASP .NET monitors running Web applications and can automatically restart them at administrator-defined intervals.

  • Mobility. The .NET Framework makes large advances with regards to mobile devices. Integrated support for standards such as HDML and WML mean that applications built on the .NET Framework. This mean highly accessible on today’s “smart” phones!
  • Manageability . The .NET Framework goes to great lengths to make it easy to implement and manage applications. From the "no-touch" deployment features that eliminate DLL Problems to the instrumentation built into every application designed for the .NET Framework. Making applications up and running as efficiently as possible.

  • Security. The .NET Framework includes an evidence-based security system designed for today's Internet environments. By collecting evidence about where an application came from, who created it, its digital signature, as well as what the application is trying to do and combining that evidence with a security policy, the .NET Framework's runtime environment can make very fine-grained decisions about whether to run an application. It can even "bargain" with the application, by denying it the right to write to a protected directory and enabling the application to choose whether it will run without that permission.

  • Internet. The .NET Framework was designed from the ground up to be an Internet computing environment. Its deep support for Web services using SOAP gives unparalleled interoperability with non-Windows environments. Web services are applications that expose their features over the Internet (or intranet) using standard Web protocols such as HTTP and XML. The .NET Framework makes exposing an application's features like this as easy as writing a single word in a custom software developer's source code.

  • Usability. .NET supports the integration of multiple programming languages, enabling developers to choose the right programming language for the task at hand. All programming languages target a single, extensive, and extensible set of class libraries and are therefore able to integrate with each other as never before.

  • Access. As the rest of the .NET Framework was redesigned for the Internet, so was the data access system. ADO.NET, a significant rework of the ADO model, is designed for today's Web-based style of data access using XML and prepared for "disconnected" use with a high-speed local cache.

  • Hardware. The .NET Framework is designed to support not just the hardware of traditional Windows operating systems, but, with its sibling the .NET Compact Framework, also other smart devices such as mobile phones, enhanced televisions, and retail devices. The .NET Compact Framework is designed for downloading and running applications securely on a variety of CPUs and operating systems. While delivering exceptional speed!

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